Port Townsend Real Estate: Port Townsend's Haunted Buildings

Port Townsend's Haunted Buildings


 Port Townsend is a favorite place for some amateur ghost hunters, and their findings include 3 well known historical buildings.  Using film, digital cameras, audio and video recording systems, and computerized surveilance gear they feel they can determine extra paranormal activity.  They feel Port Townsend is one of the most haunted communities in the state of Washington.   

IMAGE OF COMMANDER'S HOUSE PORT TOWNSEND The "Commander's House" at Fort Worden showed some "orbs" (not visible to the naked eye) in photograpy taken by a  team of "ghost hunters" that visited Port Townsend  in 2006.   Built in the late 1800's and open to the public as a museum, this wonderful home overlooks the Parade Grounds at the fort. 






IMAGE of Manressa Castle, Port TownsendAnother rich field was the Manressa Castle (built in 1891)  with many local ghost stories, surely embellished over the years,  The group found a lot of unexplained activity in the attic  and orbs have been photographed there as well.   Some hotel guests have reported individual incidences ( a broken grandfather clock in the foyer that chimes, ghostly shapes and cold breezes.)    Film crews come regularly to the former Jesuit seminary to photograph in hopes of finding some evidence.   





Image of Palace Hotel at nightThe Palace Hotel (1889) is the favorite place of ghosts in the downtown area of Port Townsend.  Average tourists have reported many stories of unusual activity ( a strange presesence)  and employees have also seen or felt strange things at the hotel.  

 Atop the staircase is a large portrait of the Lady in Blue, a mournful, mysterious woman from decades ago whose legend paints her as having ties to a former brothel that operated at the hotel from 1925 to 1933. The spirit of the Lady in Blue is believed to leave the portrait to walk the Palace halls in search of a lost lover.







Happy Halloween!

9 commentsSandra White • October 27 2009 12:14PM


What beautiful buildings!  It's no wonder some ghosts have decided to haunt them.

Posted by Gary Swanson (RE/MAX Ideal Brokers, Inc.) over 4 years ago

Sandra - Those buildings certainly don't appear threatening. I would guess that the only ghosts are "friendly" ones : )

Posted by John Mulkey, Housing Guru (TheHousingGuru.com) over 4 years ago

But what fun to think that someone from the past could be there to visit with.  I have so much to ask them about!  Have a wonderful Halloween and thanks for checking out my post....

Posted by Sandra White, Experienced Residential Resale Broker (John L Scott Real Estate) over 4 years ago

Hi, Sandra. We had a bed-and-breakfast in Maine for several years, in a beautiful Federal house that was built in 1803. Several guests asked to change rooms or said they would not be back because they felt a presence in the front downstairs bedroom. I think some people are more "receptive" than others.

Posted by Leslie Helm, Real Estate For Trail Riders (Tennessee Recreational Properties) over 4 years ago

Leslie, I have read many reports about guests comments in these hotels.  You could be right, some people may just choose to ignore the signs and be less receptive.  We don't have anything here as old as 1803.  I would love to see that.  Thanks for the comment. 

Posted by Sandra White, Experienced Residential Resale Broker (John L Scott Real Estate) over 4 years ago

Hello Sandra, those are some nice looking old buildings.  Many years ago I stayed overnight at one Fort Worden's Officer Homes that was set up for overnight stays.  I was with a bicycling group.  I don't recall if there was any ghoulish activity -- as I was quite pooped from the long bike ride!  John

Posted by Alexander- Slocum, REMAX Team- Vancouver WA Real Estate (RE/MAX equity group - Vancouver Washington) over 4 years ago

John, understandable you were tired from bicycling around here.  Lots of hills.  I am so glad you got to explore our beautiful fort and also happy you were not visited by any ghostly things.  Thanks for the comment.

Posted by Sandra White, Experienced Residential Resale Broker (John L Scott Real Estate) over 4 years ago

How lucky you are to have three haunted buildings in one town. We only have one here, a room at the Hotel Del Coronado. It's booked years in advance.

Posted by Not a real person over 4 years ago

Ooo!  I love to hear about haunted buildings!  I love to watch all those TV shows about investigating paranormal activity in homes and buildings around the nation.  I'm sure I've seen something about these places.

Posted by Maui Real Estate - Lisa B. Miller R(S) (Keller Williams Realty Maui) over 4 years ago

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